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“This is a brave book that will certainly help remove stigma, and provides real hope and practical help.”Tony Blair, former Prime Minister of the United Kingdom
“Back From The Brink is a gift”Cindy Specht (Executive VP, Depression & Bipolar Support Alliance)
“An extraordinary collection of interviews”Michael J.Fitzpatrick (Executive Director at NAMI)



Do You Suffer From Depression or Bipolar Disorder?


You are Not Alone.

Google’s former Public Policy Director, an International TV Show Host and a High-Profile Former US Representative Will All Tell You: “There Is Hope”

‘Back From The Brink’ True Stories & Practical Help For Overcoming Depression & Bipolar Disorder

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Featuring a Foreward by Actress Glenn Close and Afterword by Depression and Bipolar Support Alliance President Allen Doederlein

r296860_1281728Graeme Cowan understands the despair of depression. After nearly five years suffering from the worst episode of depression his psychiatrist had ever treated, he lost hope. One night in 2004, he wrote his suicide note. 9 years later, he wrote ‘Back From The Brink’. What changed? Graeme found the hope, support and treatemnt he needed to properly manage and overcome his illness. With ‘Back From The Brink’, you can too. First you will be inspired – you will realise you are not alone and can find optimisim. Then you will learn how to take real action and finally start controlling depression, instead of depression controlling you. ‘Back From The Brink’ promises no instant cures or magic pills. Instead, it offers the courageous stories of others and pragmatic, proven resources to help you better understand depression and bipolar, how it can affect you and how to take easy-to-follow steps to put together an all-encompassing treatment plan that works for you.

“Depression is deeply personal and intense in a way that others may find difficult to comprehend. That’s why individual stories are crucial if we are to educate and combat public stigma. Back from the Brink does just that.”Geoffrey Gallop, DPhil, professor and director of the graduate school of Government at the University of Sydney and former Premier of Western Australia

From Business and Sports, Showbiz and Politics To Everyday Lives, People From All Walks Of Life Share Their Experiences Of Depression – Being Dragged Down Into The Depths As Well As Finding Ways To Get Back On Their Feet, Cope And Live Fulfilling Lives

Bob Boorstin

Google’s Director of Public Policy, Bob Boorstin, has an excellent strategy he uses to ensure he gets the support he needs in case things go haywire, but he doesn’t recognise it himself. Discover how Bob can see the signs of depression, set off the alarm bells when needed and take action.

Tricia Goddard

Tricia Goddard hosted popular television shows on both sides of the Atlantic. Tricia uses her own raw experiences coping with the black dog to help others think about their mental health. Find out what helps Tricia through depression and why she feels depression is more isolating and even scarier than breast cancer.

Patrick Kennedy

It’s not easy being a Kennedy. Former US Representative Patrick Kennedy is from a prominent family in American politics which was plagued by mental health problems. His experiences defined his political career and he now campaigns tirelessly to eliminate stigma and discrimination associated with mental illness and brain injuries. But in 2006 Patrick had a meltdown and refused to seek the treatment he advocated for others. Discover why and learn the strategies and techniques Patrick uses to help him deal with mental health today.

Pragmatic, Impartial Advice For Beating The Black Dog

The practical advice contained in this book will provide a path to recovery, as well as hope that a fulfilling life is within everyone’s reach.C. Edward Coffey, MD, vice president of Henry Ford Health System; CEO of Behavioral Health Services; and Kathleen and Earl Ward Chair of Psychiatry, Henry Ford Hospital

‘Back From The Brink’ contains advice and resources to help you take action and control your mental health and wellbeing. Based on extensive research, interviews with experts throughout the mental health field and large surveys with people suffering from depression or bipolar or caring for someone who is, the focus is on providing you with the knowledge you need and how to incorporate different yet necessary elements into a considered, holistic treatment plan that works for you. Discover:

    • How to assess your mood using the ‘Moodometer’ and recognise when you need to take immediate action


  • The Eleven Strategies rated most effective by depression and bipolar sufferers in aiding them manage and recover from an episode – and how to develop and implement them



  • Which depression treatments are top and which are not – you may be surprised!



  • Finding and assessing the right mental health experts (hint: not all are created equal)



  • The C.A.R.E formula and why it is and indispensible part of your fight against depression or bipolar.



This amazing book really puts people in the driving seat of their own recovery and is helpful, hopeful, and empowering.Sue Baker, director of Time to Change

This book may inspire, move and help you. But it can also be the perfect gift for your friends or loved ones… …because for every person who suffers depression, there are at least two people supporting them. Friends or family. Loved ones or colleagues.