Make Recovery Real, Not Just Possible… 

Award-winning BACK FROM THE BRINK author Graeme Cowan is Your Mental Health Concierge – outlining Seven Essential Strategies, Trusted Handpicked Resources, and Impartial, Pragmatic Information You Need To Take Action To Treat Depression

“There’s so much information out there… where do you start and how do you know what works?”


Congratulations on taking this first step of reading this and deciding that you would like to beat depression. Now you need the right information on which to act.

Whether you are suffering from depression, or caring for someone who is, ‘Beating Depression’contains trusted, reliable and practical information to help depression suffers and caregivers treat depression that best suit their circumstances.

Filled with practical, well-researched and pragmatic advice endorsed by those who successfully made a recovery, ‘Beating Depression’ equips you with all the tools needed to take action right away – mentally and physically – to cope better, assess expert and treatment options and make informed decisions that start the steps to a real and lasting recovery from depression.


By enduring a 5-year episode of depression which his psychiatrist described as the worst he had ever treated, Graeme Cowan has deep insight into this condition.

Society and the media alike now recognise the widespread prevalence of depression – one of the world’s most misunderstood illnesses – and the potential devastation the ‘black dog’ can wreak on lives, relationships and careers.

Businesses too are starting to recognise the economic impact. Now – more than ever before – there is a treasure trove of websites, videos, books, scientific research and proclaimed treatments for depression, available to whoever is interested. Money and resources are being poured into the field as a research area.


But the wealth of resources doesn’t make the actual process of coping with or supporting someone suffering from depression any easier, especially if you feel isolated, misunderstood or unappreciated.

For too long, many people have suffered depression alone and in silence. That is why Graeme Cowan wrote the acclaimed books Back From The Brink and Back From The Brink Too – which won SANE’s 2009 ‘Book Of The Year’ Award.

During extensive research for the books, Graeme combined his own experience of overcoming a prolonged 5-year period of intensive clinical depression that nearly destroyed his life with the raw yet inspiring experiences of others who overcame the black dog and bounced back.

Graeme also spoke with 289 carers – the unsung heroes – on the trials and struggles of concerned loved ones. Carers often shoulder the enormous responsibility of providing care and assistance to those with depression – sometimes paying a heavy price with their own mental health. But for carers, there is a better way.

Graeme has the unique advantage of being able to view the battle against depression from the sufferers’ and carer’s perspectives. His conclusion?


Not everyone has someone they can call on to provide emotional support, so he also covers a number of strategies that can be followed when you are facing depression alone.

But where do you start? How on earth can you make sense of and act upon this explosion of information and resources about depression?

As you read this, maybe you’re asking yourself:

  • What are the local resources available to me?
  • How do I find someone to help, and what do I ask them?
  • How do I find a mental health savvy GP?
  • How do I find a great psychologist?
  • Which psychological treatments work best?
  • Should I take medication?
  • How do I exercise when I don’t feel like it?
  • How do I find fulfilling work?
  • Should I tell work colleagues?
  • What do I do if I feel suicidal?
  • Where and when and how do I start?


If these are questions that have come up for you or your loved one at any stage during depression, you will find ‘Beating Depression’ jam-packed with hands-on, no-nonsense answers to all your burning questions and much more.


BEATING DEPRESSION offers a pragmatic and holistic approach to recovery for both the person living with depression and their carer. The seven strategies are comprehensively detailed, and offer clear next steps, and encouragement to action. I particularly like the guidance on how to encourage a reluctant person to seek help and how to find good mental health professionals. The key psychological therapies for treating depression are covered very well, and there is also useful and appropriate guidance on suicide prevention. The emphasis on the importance of exercise and other lifestyle strategies is very welcome. Graeme’s personal story, research, and perspective add credibility and gravitas to the overall message.”

Dr Peter Cotton, Clinical and Organisational Psychologist



‘Beating Depression’ consists of 4 Audio CDs and a workbook. The depression sufferer and caregiver can work through the program at their own speed, whatever their stage of depression, discussing the options and treatments that will best suit the circumstances and people involved.

Think of a hotel concierge. Staffed by knowledgeable and helpful guides, you can rely on the concierge for the experience and information you need to turn ideas into action and enjoy your day.

Likewise, ‘Beating Depression’ is your mental health concierge – offering you information on which you and your loved ones can agree a course and take action.

You can’t read your way to recovery – you must act! For best results, Graeme recommends reviewing the material, checking out the resources and implementing some of the ‘whisker goals’ immediately. You and your loved one should also start building a little time each day into your respective schedules to implement the advice and techniques.

“Taking action is the only way you or your love one will start to move quickly and effectively towards recovery.”

‘Beating Depression’ contains thoroughly researched material that combines practical information and pragmatic advice with firsthand knowledge and experience of what may work and what may not. With ‘Beating Depression’ you will:

  • Immediately take a free, quick and simple mental health check
  • Understand depression, its symptoms and effects better
  • Motivate someone suffering from depression to respond and communicate
  • Learn how to find a general practitioner (‘GP’), the right questions to ask and how to assess whether the GP is a suitable expert for you
  • Appreciate the main players and their roles in your mental health team, what to ask and how to assess whether their treatment plans, style and techniques are right for you or your loved one
  • Set positive and practical yet small and simple everyday steps and goals to get into a routine that promotes recovery and strong mental health
  • Discover the 7 Essential Strategies To Overcome Depression
  • Assess the different treatment types recommended by mental health professionals, including their advantages and disadvantages
  • Realise the importance of a holistic approach to overcoming depression together – don’t pin all hope on a single intervention or treatment
  • Ensure that, as a carer, you don’t sink into depression through caring for another.·

‘Beating Depression’ also contains a workbook with links to external resources that help depression sufferers and caregivers. With these resources, Graeme has done the hard work for you; saving you hours of searching and reading by bringing his years of research and close work with esteemed organisations to you in the form of handpicked, trusted materials he believes will help you and your loved one in your efforts to beat the black dog.

Hit the ground running and start taking steps to lessen the pain and suffering. Beat depression together, starting today.

JUST $79.95 plus $7.95 postage.


As a special bonus with Beating Depression, Graeme will share two compelling interviews with experts in the fields of depression research and treatment. Leading minds in their respective areas, the interviews reveal an insight into the state of today’s understanding of mood disorders. This translates into practical advice for you that could lead to big improvements in your recovery.


Discover the shocking truth many medical practitioners don’t yet realize about modern depression treatments and glean the REAL story on anti-depressants.This exclusive interview with Professor Gordon Parker – available only for Beating Depression customers – will reveal all.

Professor Parker is the founder of the Black Dog Institute and is Scientia Professor of Psychiatry at the University of New South Wales. A heavyweight authority, Professor Parker draws on decades of experience in all aspects of mood disorders and involvement in cutting-edge research. Professor Parker discusses with Graeme the latest developments in depression treatment that rail often against ‘accepted wisdom’ and provide the inside scoop on effective treatment.

You simply must invest less than 40 minutes of your time to hear what Professor Parker has to say – you may save months of unnecessary time-wasting with treatments that simply aren’t right for you.

Listen in as Professor Parker outlines:

  • The different types of depression and their causes – which may not be recognized by your GP
  • When it’s time to see a mental health professional and how to get the most out of your consultation
  • The inside story on anti-depressants; when they are and aren’t suitable remedies (as well as some surprising alternative medications)
  • How long anti-depressants REALLY take to work
  • Crucial information about side effects (including suicide) and how to cope
  • Whether anti-depressants really are addictive
  • Why anti-depressants don’t always work.
  • New developments in depression treatments from around the world


Could the power of exercise reduce depression by nearly 50%? Maybe, according to Dr Andrea Dunn, exercise physiologist of the Cooper Institute, Dallas, USA.

In this fascinating recording, Andrea updates Graeme on her investigations into this little-studied treatment technique, and the potentially life-changing benefits of exercise for people suffering from depression. This is a recording you cannot miss!

This important interview reveals:

  • The potential link between exercise and depression
  • Summaries of ground-breaking studies, experiments and results
  • Why exercising to beat depression doesn’t involve shelling out for expensive gym memberships and clothes
  • Practical tips to get started and implement basic exercise into your lifestyle

If you don’t know where to start when beating depression, start with exercise. Dr Dunn’s interview perfectly complements Beating Depression and shows you how to take a small but significant step by exercising to beat the black dog.


JUST $79.95 plus $7.95 postage.