Huffington Post Back From The Brink Book Review

The Back From The Brink book review by Dr Loyd Sederer below originally appeared here. Dr Sederer is the Medical Director of the New York State Office of Mental Health.   ‘Back From the Brink': A Book Review By Dr. Lloyd Sederer Back From The Brink: True Stories and Practical Help for Overcoming Depression and Bipolar Disorder (2013, New Harbinger Publications) By … Read More

Back From The Brink book review from Medical Library Association

CAPHIS, the Consumer and Patient Health Information Section, is a section of the Medical Library Association, an association of health information professionals with more than 5,000 individual and institution members. MLA fosters excellence in the professional achievement and leadership of health sciences library and information professionals to enhance the quality of health care, education, and research.   Review Cowan, Graeme. Back … Read More

10 best depression treatments revealed in new book by Graeme Cowan

In preparing his new book, Back From The Brink: true stories and practical help for overcoming depression and bipolar, Graeme Cowan asked 4064 people who had lived with depression or bipolar, what worked best in their recovery. His survey included most commonly used medications and psychological techniques, but also included a number of lifestyle strategies – 60 options in total. … Read More

How to Finally Get A Good Night’s Sleep Even When You are Depressed

Depression both causes and is compounded by sleep disruption. The low energy caused by sleep deprivation also impacts on your ability to treat depression. How on earth can you make and attend appointments with experts, exercise or eat properly when you are perpetually exhausted?
Find out how to finally get a good night’s sleep.

Antidepressants… Is That All You’ve Got?

Antidepressants do have their place in treating depression. But new evidence indicates a worrying trend: Antidepressants – which interfere with your brain chemistry – are increasingly a first resort and being prescribed at an ever-increasing rate. The revelations come in the recently published OECD publication ‘Health at a Glance’ and show that the consumption of antidepressants has increased significantly in … Read More

3 Ways To Beat Depression Through Exercise In 2014

Exercise helps beat depression – that’s not just a theory, but scientific fact. But many people think exercise involves gruelling workouts or exhausting runs. Sure, for Alasdair Campbell and Tricia Goddard – interviewed in Back From The Brink – cross-country runs and marathons are an important part of their wellbeing plan and help ward off depression or manage it better … Read More

Back From The Brink Amazon 5 Star Review Summaries

This is an edited version of some of the book reviews on   Peter Saad I connected to this book from the get go. The stories of 10 different people – each life different, each suffered in similar ways to what I have. The author’s understanding of what it’s like to be in depression, and what’s it’s like to … Read More

Why Your Diet Can Make Or Break Depression Recovery

You are what you eat. Almost. While depression isn’t a labelled ingredient found in foods, depression impacts on your diet, which impacts on depression, in a vicious cycle. This is because depression leads to poor motivation and low energy which can fuel and exacerbate the effects of poor eating habits. Poor eating habits lead to weight gain, poor body function, … Read More

People to thank for BACK FROM THE BRINK USA

They say that a journey of a thousand miles starts with the first step. Mind you, if I’d known it was going to be a thousand miles, I might not have taken that first step, but I’m glad I did. I have many people to thank for making this book a reality. After the success of my two books in … Read More