Book Review: The Mindful Way Through Depression

Graeme CowanUncategorized

I am a big fan of meditation, and regularly attend meditation retreats as part of my efforts to maintain a healthy, focused and balanced mind. This book – published in 2007 – introduces the practice of mindfulness meditation as a tool for tackling depression.

Written by 4 PhDs with extensive experience in the subject area between them, the book and accompanying CD is designed to encourage readers to engage on an 8-week self-guided meditation course. The premise is that with new tools, we can see the world and our place in it differently. The aim is to develop mindfulness of and work with – rather than avoid, suppress or ‘think around’ – our thoughts. Then we will see that our thoughts are creations of the mind – they are neither true nor untrue, and certainly don’t define who we actually are. This can help us see the reality between our negative thoughts and, consequently, negative feelings and emotions – but this by no means implies that depression is our fault for ‘thinking wrong’.

Systematic, comprehensive and integrated – although sometimes a little dry – I do recommend this book for depression sufferers or their loved ones looking to reassess their approach to tackling depression, and to integrate meditation as part of a daily routine, both to treat depression and live a life with the wonderful benefits regular meditation practice can bring.