Your Top 10 Mental Health Topics For 2013

Graeme Cowandepression, resilience

At the end of January I asked my e-mail subscribers and Facebook fans to tell me what they felt were the most important, relevant and helpful topics relating to mental health for them this year.

The results will form the core focus of articles, interviews and content that will be delivered via this blog and the newsletter over the coming months.

For those of you who took the time to answer the survey, I am very grateful indeed for your help – many thanks!

The results are interesting and, at times, surprising.

The Top 10 subjects identified were:


1 – How to stop depression from coming back – strategies for resilience.
2 – Nutrition and diet that may positively or negatively affect depression and recovery.
3 – How to exercise when you don’t feel like it.
4 – How to get a good night’s sleep.
5 – Finding hope, inspiration and optimism when depressed.
6 – Information on the different types of medication and evidence for their success.
7 – How to identify your passion and find fulfilling work, including the benefits of volunteering.
8 – How to communicate with a loved one suffering from depression.
9 – How to develop coping strategies and resources if you live alone.
10 – Information on natural treatments, such as lightboxes, yoga and meditation.


Many of the topics relate to changing thought patterns and habits (including eating habits) to break the cycle of depression and either recover or prevent a relapse.

This is an encouraging acknowledgment of the need to tackle not just the symptoms of depression, but the ‘big picture’ as well – the lifestyle and routines and patterns that can make us susceptible to or resilient against the black dog.

Stay tuned for engaging, practical and trusted content on these topics this year!