Can Depression Change Your Life For The Better?

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Focusing on the negative elements of depression is easy. The inertia, feelings of hopelessness, worthlessness and despair. The fun being sucked out of life. And worse, when it just feels too painful to go on living. Often – and understandably, especially in our darkest moments – depression in whatever form feels like something from which we can’t learn anything or … Read More

4 Ways to Reach Out When Depressed

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Many people feel that depression is ‘their’ illness – they are the only ones suffering in this way – and that they either can’t talk to others or ask for help, or don’t want to. This was certainly the case for Lora Innman, a long-term depression sufferer and now a mental health advocate interviewed in ‘Back From The Brink’. When … Read More

5 Things You May Not Know About Depression

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Depression and bipolar are often misunderstood, sometimes even by those afflicted. Unfortunately, misconceptions can be stumbling blocks to taking the action needed to overcome depression, which may prolong the illness and worsen its effects over time. Just ask Tricia Goddard, well-known TV talk show host and mental health advocate. Tricia shares her long and difficult relationship with mental health issues, … Read More

Celebrity Tips For Beating Depression

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When we suffer from depression, including bipolar disorder and postpartum depression, we may feel responsible, like it’s somehow our fault. We may also feel alone in battling the illness and lack support or inspiration from others. Sometimes this may cause us to give up hope and feel like there’s no end to how low we’re feeling; after all – we … Read More

Science Proves: Exercise Helps Treat Depression… And Then Some!

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Dovetailing perfectly with this week’s post on how to make exercise easy and achievable, a recent piece on the Science Daily website summarises the results of a study that looked at over 26 years of research on exercise and depression. The conclusion? Moderate physical activity each day – even gardening – is good not just for TREATING depression, but for … Read More

How To Exercise When Depressed Even If You Prefer Staying In Bed

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Want to treat your depression quickly, safely and for free? Exercise! It works, has no side effects (unless you REALLY over-exert yourself) and is great for your mental and physical well-being in every respect. One study shows that exercise can reduce depression by up to 47%. So exercise as part of a depression treatment strategy really is a no-brainer! But … Read More

3 Reasons Why Not All Mental Health Professionals Are Created Equal

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The biggest regret of those who have lived through a depressive or bipolar disorder episode is that they didn’t obtain a rigorous diagnosis and treatment plan early enough.   Lora Inman is one such person, interviewed in my book Back From The Brink. A long-time depression sufferer and passionate mental health advocate, she went for decades without a proper diagnosis … Read More


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Depression is suffered by strong people, not weak people. Dr Tim Cantopher’s acclaimed book ‘Depressive Illness: The Curse Of The Strong’ puts a different spin on depression: those who are strong, reliable and responsible and push themselves hard, yet are also sensitive to criticism, are actually the ones who are susceptible. The book breaks down and clearly explains the illness … Read More

Beating Depression

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Have you or do you know someone who has just been diagnosed with depression? Being depressed is difficult enough. I know I suffered from brain fog, and that overwhelming feeling of my body and mind being weighed down. It was incredibly difficult to find the motivation or ability to think clearly and make rational decisions. I now know that thinking … Read More

A Furry Good Reason To Live

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Many People Struggling With Depression Find Strength In Pets “For someone who was once a shell I can actually feel unconditional love for my pets without any fear.” – Angela Pets bring joy, humour, love and happiness to people all over the world. They are friends, companions, a part of or extension of ourselves. Websites and portals abound with information on … Read More