Depression Busting Foods

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Nutrition is important. In life generally, and particularly when it comes to tackling depression. But what do you eat, how and why? In a series of articles, I’m going to look at the individual nutritional elements that can help beat depression, and the food sources from which they can be found. This why, you can pick and choose what goes … Read More

How To Exercise Even When You Don’t Want To: Whisker Goals

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Want to treat your depression quickly, safely and for free? Exercise! Exercise is such crucial component of a plan to treat depression that it forms part of my 7 Essential Strategies To Overcoming Depression – which can be found in Beating Depression. Exercise works and has no side effects (unless you REALLY over-exert yourself). One study shows that exercise can … Read More

Book Review: “Resilience: Why Things Bounce Back”

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Those of you who are following my blog will note that I am in the process of writing a six part series about resilience. The series is currently halfway – having started out looking at what resilience is, signs of a resilient mindset and what core purpose is, the series will continue to look at practical, actionable ways to develop … Read More

What Is Core Purpose?

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Part 3 in a six part series on resilience. Resilience is your ability to ‘bounce back’ from trauma or unexpected events and continue along your path. In my first blog post on resilience, I looked at what resilience is and why it is important. Having looked at what resilience is, I focused my second blog post on how resilience is manifested. … Read More

Signs of a Resilient Mindset

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Part 2 in a six-part blog series about resilience In my first blog post on resilience, I looked at what resilience is and why it is important. Now, we’ll look at how resilience is manifested. Outwardly, resilience is manifested by how someone copes with difficult experiences, in whatever form those experiences may take. Inwardly, as previously discussed, resilience is the … Read More

Your Top 10 Mental Health Topics For 2013

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At the end of January I asked my e-mail subscribers and Facebook fans to tell me what they felt were the most important, relevant and helpful topics relating to mental health for them this year. The results will form the core focus of articles, interviews and content that will be delivered via this blog and the newsletter over the coming … Read More

5 Misinformed Myths About Depression And What To Do About Them

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People are who are depressed – and even those who are not – often misunderstand the nature of depression and how to deal with it. In this article, we’ll bust some of the more common myths and reveal the reality instead. You may be surprised at some of the information you’re about to read. Good! The more you learn about … Read More

Why You Must Start Developing Resilience Right Now

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Resilience helps you ‘bounce back’ and thrive when you are knocked off course. This is the first in a six part series focusing on strategies for developing resilience. In my recent 2013 mental health topics survey, the topic that was overwhelmingly voted as most helpful, relevant and interesting was “How to stop depression from coming back – strategies for resilience.” … Read More