Having spent most of my life as a senior executive with organisations like Johnson and Johnson and AT Kearney, my life hit a seemingly insurmountable roadblock in 2000, when I was diagnosed with severe depression. Five years and numerous hard setbacks later, I emerged not only with the bestselling book BACK FROM THE BRINK, but also with a new attitude towards the traditional ways that companies and individuals approach setbacks. 

My second book BACK FROM THE BRINK TOO, won a National Mental Health Award, and I am also the author of the report “Best Practice in Managing Mental Health in the Workplace”. I am a Director ofRUOK? Day and the creator of the hugely successful RUOK? at Work program.  

My story in greater detail can be found by downloading the free eBook “Overcoming Depression”below.

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“Graeme is quite simply a thought leader. He has utilized the lessons gained through a personally horrific time to guide, teach, inspire, and coach millions of Australians.”Nataly Bovopolous, Deputy Director, Mental Health First Aid Australia
“Graeme is a true force of nature in the mental health sector and his ability to get things done second to none.”Gavin Larkin, Founder R U OK? Day (1968-2011)
“Graeme is very engaging….the audience listens to every single word he says….you could hear a pin drop ”John Brogden, CEO, Financial Services Council
“Graeme Cowan is to be commended for bringing these powerful stories together…”Jeff Kennett, Chairman, beyondblue
“This book is brave, uplifting, informative, inspirational, and optimistic…anything but depressing.”Good Reading Magazine Review
“Whatever your understanding of depression, whatever your experiences with depression, this book will help.”head2head, West Australian Mental Health Magazine